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SCIB's Pediatric Injury Biomechanics Data Archive & Textbook 

BioInjury is teaming up with UAB‘s Southern Consortium for Injury Biomechanics (SCIB) to publish a Pediatric Injury Biomechanics Data Archive & Textbook that will specify and describe the current state of the art in pediatric injury biomechanics in the automobile crash envirionment.

Scope of the Project:

When and how pediatric injuries occur is one of the most rapidly emerging areas of crash injury research. Little published data exist that describe the structural, material and mechanical properties of the child as they age.  Consolidation and analysis of this information will provide information for investigators, those involved in rulemaking and injury criteria development, anthropomorphic dummy designers, and those involved in designing and developing child injury interventions, which will markedly improve the motor vehicle safety effectiveness for the younger population.  In addition, consolidation of this information will avoid duplication of previous research and identify critical gaps in the data for future funding and research. 

 This pediatric archive will review and analyze the known field epidemiology for pediatric injuries in motor vehicle crashes to identify injury trends and areas of the body that contribute most to morbidity/mortality.  The archive will review and analyze known experimental datasets that describe the pediatric anthropometry, structural properties, material properties and physical characteristics of the tissues as a child ages.  The archive will include a complete review of state-of-the art modeling techniques and the most recent advancements and achievements in computational mechanics technologies as well as a review and analysis of state-of-the-art computational models to provide insight for investigators as to what information is out there, how it has been used, and what results were derived, which will contribute directly to the long-term development of a virtual child dummy